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Raising the girl child that will transform the society.
Girl Child Freedom At The Grassroot(GCFG) is a Non-Government Organization with the sole aim of reaching out to the Girl-Child at every level, especially the rural areas, hence the name, We are essentially devoted to catering for and improving the Physical, social and mental wellbeing of the Girl Child in the society.

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Girl Child Freedom at the Grass Root" was targeted to cover virtually every region where a girl could be seen. This implies that Girl Child Freedom at the Grass Root is limitless and that will go a long way in given the vulnerable maximum representations, effective administration,a voice to the voiceless, freedom and hope to the needy child



The organization is targeted to ensuring that every girl child that is within our reach who is deprived of the freedom that is constitutional is giving Justice and proper attention irrespective of your race. Through these measures, the recent abuses of the girls children that is ravaging our society will be curtailed and that will give room for a better and favourable habitation for the future generations.



We are so much willing to serve our girls child efficiently through divers means such as; sensitisation of the girls children on how to refrain from abuses and deprivations like rape, girl child trafficking, lack of proper representation,low self-esteem and many more others. Our programs will go as long as going through extension services which will enable the organization to serving their girls child optimally.


Protecting a girl child right is the most powerful way of fighting against abuse.

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Sponsoring a girl child is the most powerful way you can fight against abuse

Our Core Values

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End Sexual Harassment

GIRL CHILD FREEDOM AT THE GRASSROOT is committed to ensuring the reduction of sexual harrasment (abuse) if not completely eradicated.

Physical Harassment

GIRL CHILD FREEDOM AT THE GRASSROOT ensure that girl child/children are giving the absolute care and love in the society.

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality in Nigeria is influenced by different cultures and beliefs. women are considered subordinate to their male counterparts.

Self Believing

GIRL CHILD FREEDOM AT THE GRASSROOT can implement succesful change by educating, and enlightening the girls in other to make them strong, believing in them self's..

Health Human Rights Advocatsy

GIRL CHILD FREEDOM AT THE GRASSROOT is committed too Advocating strength and underpins the credibility of each individual girl right. Through advocacy, we ensure the rights defenders gain access to national and international decision-makers, knowing fully well that care is a discrete and important aspect of the right to health that merits attention and scrutiny as a humans.

Health Human Rights Advocatsy

A rights-based approach to health requires that health policy and programmes.

GIRL CHILD FREEDOM advocacy focus documentation of rights violations and propagating recommendations for remedying those violations. We seek to elevate the voices of people affected by human rights violations, analyze structural barriers, and identify obligations and responsibilities.

Girl Child Empowerment

Empowering a girl child means strengthening in all aspects of their life.

Is a way of making them stronger and more courageuous, letting them take their own decisions. Nurturing the girl child is a way of insuring the future against nonexistence of women from different socio-political and economical spheres of the country..

Gender Equality Advocatsy

Gender equality is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

We believe that girls’ education strengthens and reduces inequality. It goes a long way to stabilizing, and confers resilient societies that give all individuals male gender inclusive the opportunity to fulfil their very potential.


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